Top E-learning companies for Banking preparation

Learning has become easier with the advent of the Internet and accessibility of learning material to students even in far-flung areas. Earlier preparation of any competitive exams meant traveling to some bigger cities, spending fortunes on these coaching classes and facing a lot of other problems. Things are much easier now, as we have dozens of good coaching classes coming up with their portals for preparation of exams. Out of all these kind of courses, Banking, Engineering, GMAT and medical preparations are most sought after. In a series of my upcoming articles, I plan to write on each of them. 

There are many leading e-learning companies available in the market, which is really good in terms of their content and their teaching methodology. Here I am going to give an overview of some famous companies which prepares students for various competitive exams, not only for Banking but SSC, CGL, UPSE, IIT, NEET CAT, GMAT Etc. You can prepare any of the exams from these e-learning company. In the last of this article, I will give you my recommendation also. 

Please note that I am not comparing any company to others, I am just giving you a suggestion to help you choose the best e-learning company for you. 
1. OliveBoard – If you are specifically looking for banking preparation then I will recommend you OliveBoard. The test series of oliveBoard is fantastic, the difficulty level is very high. The teachers and content writer in the company are really good. They prepare the student for other competitive exams also, but they are famous because of their banking coaching. They may be new in the market but success ration has been really high for them. 

2. – provides online education for almost all the exams in India. Apart from competitive exams, they provide an e-learning solution to schools student as well. This company has a pool of experienced teachers who teach various subject according to the latest syllabus of the exam.

3. Bankers Adda – this company is known by career power also, they are dedicated to banking preparation. They give you a very deep knowledge of your subject. They will teach you topic by topic and clear your concept. This is a really good e-learning company for Banking exams preparations. 

4. Wifi Study – This is a very growing e-learning company, on youtube it has more than 7 Millian users. They provide coaching for Banking, State Board of eams, railway SSC, etc. This is a very good e-learning platform for Hindi Medium Student. They use a very common language. Their mathematics lectures are really great. But English and other subject teaching is average 

5. Byju – You must have watched their ad on TV, they provide e-learning study from school level to UPSE level. You can download their app from the play store and signup with them. You will get a call directly from the company and someone will visit you and explain you in a proper way, how you can use their website for your preparation. This is the world’s fast-growing e-learning company in the segment. 
Apart from that some, Career launcher, textbook, Takshila Learning, etc. are available in the market. they are also really good in their content and teaching. 

Above mentioned companies are paid companies, and they charge very nominal price from the student, Which is very less from classroom study. But if you don’ want to spend your money, and looking for free preparation then also I can recommend you some really good website. Every company has uploaded some promotional lectures Videos on youtube, they are really good. You can search on youtube the topic that you want to prepare and you will get hundreds of videos for preparation. 

Apart from that, you can search, Study IQ, for GS and Current affairs, or Economics related content, WifiStudy for Mathematics, SuperProfs for History and geography and many more. 
Just check the syllabus of the paper and prepare accordingly, You will get very good study material free of cost from above-mentioned websites.

Hope the compiled list helps you in choosing a nice course for your banking preparation. Do let me know if you would like to know about any other topic.

We will keep posting more articles about the learning companies and courses which will help you in banking preparation

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