Why You Should Respect A Teacher?

You must have seen a man or woman dressed elegantly walking or running fast towards the bus stop. In one hand maybe carrying a bag full of notebooks or a big folder with assessment reports she made last night . Yes you got it right, she is the teacher, a rare species which is on the verge of extinction . She is somebody with whom your child spends major part of his day , she is the one who ties his shoelaces when you are not around . She is the one who feeds them with her hands and holds then when at times they fail . A teacher is the one person who has tried 100 ways to get that wrong habit off your son and then her 101st step was to seek your help .

I have been a teacher and observed many teachers closely , and today when India celebrates its teachers day , I want to share my insight about how I truly believe a teacher commands respect for what they are doing for the society .

1. They are Givers

A teacher is a true symbol of giver , they give all they can to your son or daughter . They give their time , their care , their knowledge . And they give it with patience , love , commitment and honesty . A teacher is like that pirene fountain which will inspire your child with undiluted modesty forever . Take a look into a teachers heart and you will find ample love for your child . A teacher will always want your child to flourish in life and be on path of righteousness . She will feel happy in all stages of life to meet your child and truly bless them .

2. They are knowledge bank

A teacher studies 6 hours to teach for 30 minutes in his classroom . He will burn midnight oil preparing lesson plan , assessment sheets , evaluating his papers , preparing for remedial classes tailor made according to your child . A teacher commands our respect because they spend extra hours in library to prepare wonderful notes. A teacher is on constant look our for things he can share in his classroom . He will teach your child to be a knowledge seeker . He will make him curious first and then answer to their silly questions . A teacher loves to be beaten by his students answers . A teacher spends his life giving answers to thousands of silly questions asked ever from any human being .

3. They are super human beings

A teacher has to be smart , knowledgeable , charismatic personality , techno savvy , witty , fit and fine . Do you know why your child says every time you teach him something “my teacher said so ” Because a teacher thrives to come up to his expectations every day . One of my student’s once went home and said to his mother , mummy please learn to wear sari like my ma’m . It was the best compliment I ever got for my saree draping skill . A teacher is always under scanner . They do not smoke , drink or misbehave in front of your child . A teacher will never be found gorging on fast food at the tuck shop in market corner . A teacher will never say “No he doesn’t know this” , He will instead say “Lets find the answer and share it tomorrow int the classroom ” . He will reward the best answer and appreciate all the honest efforts . He will learn to jazz ,sing , play a piano , carve a wooden block and do all that he can to be your child’s real mentor .

4. They never fall sick during final exams

We all should consult a teacher when suffering with cold , cough , laryngitis , fever (biggest enemy of a teacher ) . A teacher is a half doctor when it comes to these minor but very painful ailments . Imagine a teacher who is suffering with severe cough ,shouting at top of her voice in the classroom . she deserves respect when she drinks a luke warm water even in summer , to soothe her throat . A teacher is a human being too , but she cannot fail to prepare your child’s report card on the Open day . Do we recall any teacher coming up with an excuse , “I could not meet the deadline and so please postpone the PTA meeting by one week “. A teacher fails to have such luxuries . A child will never come home and say my teacher is absent because she is on a vacation to Singapore or Bali maybe .

5. A teacher teachers your child to be the Doctors , Engineers , Architect, but not a Teacher

A GURU will be more than over whelmed if his any student said I want to become a teacher like you . But in heart of heart he or she will never want that child to be a teacher . They have faced the hardships of being a teacher , and they know their students deserve better avenues than this . Be respectful to your child’s teacher that they don’t groom your child to be a teacher , who will have no savings , no perks of a job done , no gratitude , no social status , no accomplishment .

6. A teacher Builds the culture

A teacher not only teaches history or literature but imbibes our true culture in our students . A child learns the lessons of life together with academics . He learns to appreciate poetry together with charms of science . He know the value of physical education together with importance of morning prayer and assembly . A teacher like a moson puts a brick in the strong foundation of society . We should be respectful that they are the rare community who work relentlessly towards a stronger nation .

Respect a teacher and trust her at times she may get tough on your child . There may be exceptions but a teacher always wants the best for her students . A teacher complained about your child and you truly abhorred it , but think it was the last resort to her as he tried all the ways to mend the flaw . Cooperate with her at times , she is just a guide and cannot brain feed your child . A teacher needs your assistance , help her during school annual function and cooperate with her . Teaching is not a hobby , to kill time .Teaching is something which leaves no time for her hobby . A teachers commands your time .