You have that "SOMETHING" to win against all ODDS!

We all have that something which makes us win against all odds. We are not born into a perfect life . If we were , we would have nothing to strive for , there would have been no urge to create anything new , new discoveries would have never happened . Whereever we are , what so ever we are doing , whosoever we are with , we are going to win. We are going to Excel. Tougher the situation , higher the tides , more odds stacked in our way , it actually acts as a catalyst to success or maybe a propellent to reach for our space . We create that niche in that space .

1. Burning Desires are created by tough hurdles

When we say life is a journey or actually its a voyage , then it has bound to have roadblocks and high tides in the long way . And this is where you stop and reach nowhere or decide to cut a way through that hurdle and get onto the way to success. We all have that powerful force which drives us through the toughest of lanes .

2. Life changes very quickly

Life changes very quickly , if for bad , so for good . It will change quickly from worst to best and sometimes vice versa if we lose the vision . We say often take the risk to fulfill your dream . Actually it should be take the risk in not pursuing your dream . IT is a risk because then you end on a life without contentment and a life without joy , full of guilt forever .Take this journey , go on full swing through the various lanes . See the highs and lows of waves . It will test you with its roar and try to scare you . but this is where the adventure lies and gradually you will learn to ride those waves . 

3. That something?

You have everything required to achieve the dream you perceived . You have that dedidation , that power within . Vision to show you the path which takes you to the goal you want to achieve. If you have a lot of hurdles or lack of education , your burning desire will fill that gap .

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