Best innovation in online learning

The early days of online education looked quite similar to traditional classes. New edtech innovations makes online education the preferred choice for many learners. Innovation has seen a broad positive shift in the last couple of years. The new technologies keep on evolving, and a lot of schools and colleges are investing in it to yield student learning. It is the meaningful experiences for all learners that ultimately help them achieve their education and professional goals.

Some innovation in online learning are-

Adaptive Learning

It is based on continuously assessing student performance in real time. With every touch of the screen and keystroke, students provide valuable information—data that can be used to personalize content and target students’ strengths and weaknesses, thereby creating a successful learning path for each student.

Active Learning

Active learning in which students are actively performing through reading, writing, problem-solving, and discussion rather than passively listening to instruction. Discover more about the learning strategies schools are implementing in order to promote active learning in the classroom.

Digital Badging

A digital badge is a validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality, or interest that can be earned in many learning environments Digital badges are sharable, online credentials that students can post on platforms such as email and social media networks to show skills learned and demonstrated through the completion of badge-specific criteria.

Self Paced Learning

Self-paced learning enables students to take a self-directed, personalized approach to completing courses, certifications, or degrees. It is based on learner response. The content itself can be curriculum, corporate training, technical tutorials, or any other subject that does not require the immediate response of an instructor.

Advantages of Self Paced Learning-


  • No time pressure
  • No need for a schedule
  • improve memory
  • Suitable for different learning styles

Competency-Based Education Degree Programs

Institutions can help students complete credentials in less time and at a lower cost with competency-based education programs. With a focus on real-world learning that leads to greater employability, this versatile model carries numerous benefits for all involved.