10 Ways to Market Yourself to Future Employers

10 Ways to Market Yourself to Future Employers
10 Ways to Market Yourself to Future Employers

Career change in recent years or decades has changed significantly. In recent years,
opportunities have reached our palms through our phones. Upskilling and upgrading
our knowledge has never been easier. A jobseeker knows their worth better than
earlier generations. So changing a job will bring better opportunities, higher pay
packages, and other incentives but still, it's tough to attract your future employer.
There are thousands or hundreds like you, eyeing the same lucrative opportunities.
So let me tell you a few ways by which you can market yourself better to your future
employers. As a top recruitment agency in India, we know for sure what makes a
jobseeker more attractive to an employer than the other contenders.

1. Your Resume

A prime requisite of finding a job is having a compelling resume. You should consider your resume as the key to your dream job, it unlocks the door of opportunity. On the other hand, a poorly written resume does not even bring you to the interview call. Hiring managers glance at your resume, to find that one mistake and you are out of the game. Sometimes you may have to tweak your resume and highlight that one skill that the job demands. You need to be

2. A Positive Online Resume

It's said that Google is your new resume. So it's a mandatory step, the employer will google you and you need to be very mindful of what you put out there on the web.

A strong political view posted 10 years back, should not damage your reputation while searching for a job. Apart from that having a great professional portfolio is equally important, behance and GitHub are a few places where you might be looked up before being offered a job.

3. Your LinkedIn profile

As a recruitment agency when we share any resume with a client, we do share their LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn speaks volumes about you professionally. Who follows you, what kind of content you post, your skill sets, certifications acquired, everything matters. LinkedIn is a great place to build your personal brand and that always comes in handy while you are searching for your next job.

4. Great Network

Marketing yourself, being visible at the right place and right time, and connecting with high-value professionals will always help you get better opportunities. And networking is not a one-day activity, it's done over time, where you prove yourself helpful and important to others and then you seek help. Networking helps you project your skills and talent to the right set of people. As a recruitment consultant, I know for sure that there are so many great talents out there, but not knowing how to market and brand themselves takes away so many wonderful opportunities from their hands.

5. Creating thought leadership content 

Posting content from your areas of expertise, helps you establish yourself as a though leader. It also emphasizes the deep knowledge you have in your domain. Writing content, creating podcasts, and blogging help you establish your credibility in your network.

6. Upgrading Skills

The current Job market is changing every day and demands for new skills keep increasing everyday. In this scenario it becomes important that we keep upgrading our skill sets, and keep learning new things which give us an edge in the professional field. Showcasing those certificates, and degrees on our resume and also on social platforms helps us in getting noticed by our potential employers.

7. Professional events and conferences

These serve as a medium of networking and visibility. Participating in such events not only makes us aware of what's happening in the industry but also brings us to the eyes of our potential employers. These opportunities can be taken to mingle with people and increase your professional network.

8. Feedback

While your current job may not be serving you greatly but reach your managers and take feedback from them. Your manager’s feedback may need a pinch of salt to swallow it with grace, but trust me if you implement that through feedback, it will make you more job-ready. And more desirable by your potential employers.

9. Volunteering and Community Engagement

Volunteering and involvement in community initiatives demonstrate your commitment to making a positive impact beyond the workplace. Explore opportunities to volunteer with organizations aligned with your interests and values, showcasing your leadership and teamwork skills to future employers

10. Customising your resume

You may be one person with a lot of skills and experience, but it has to be tactfully highlighted to your potential employer. Before applying or submitting your resume, read the job description well. Try to understand what is the expectations of employers. Re-write your resume or tweak it here and there to make it more appealing. It does not mean you present any false information, rather you highlight your strengths in a way that it becomes easier for your employer to visualize you in the job advertised.

As a decade-old recruitment agency, Savanna HR knows well how to place a jobseeker with their dream job. It alternatively also knows where to dive and find the perfect fit candidate for the critical roles. Hope this article helps job seekers find the perfect job and make themselves more job-ready.

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