5 Tips to Make an Impression During Interview

5 Tips to Make an Impression During Interview
5 Tips to Make an Impression During Interview

Interviews are the most formal events we engage in multiple times during our careers. You want to leave the best impression about yourself. We all know cracking an interview is not an easy task. There are multiple factors on which you are being evaluated. While there have been bizarre incidents of rejection in an interview process, let's focus on fews do’s and don’t which every jobseeker should observe. They might now be the only reason why you will get the job, but lacking in these parameters will surely not leave a good impression.

1. Smart Dressing & Look Good

In the recent decade of Startup Culture, business dressing has losti its significance but we do understand that loud, wrinkled indecent clothing has no place while dressing for an interview. How you carry yourself and the code of conduct is the first thing being noticed. Dressing conservatively, suits, shirts, and ties for men and formal dressing for women, be it a crisp cotton suit, saree or pantsuit carry only one item in your hand, a file, purse or laptop bag Neatness is as important as appropriate attire. Well-combed hair, clean nails, dainty jewellery, and proper accessories like watches is more than enough.

2. Show Good Manners - It never go out of fashion

Interviews are all about leaving the best impression of oneself. While your potential employer is evaluating you, this is an opportunity for you as well to ask questions. While you are supposed to talk about yourself, there is also a thin line between sharing your skills and bragging.

Remember to be polite, and use medium pitch not to cut the conversation and be in hurry to finish first.

3. Arrive on Time for Interview

While so many interviews are happening online and you are saving the travel time, you should join the call 5 minutes early. In case you need to reschedule the interview, respect others time as well and do it well in advance. And if you are meeting in person, calculate all the traffic issues and leave early for the meeting. Its never appropriate to keep the interviewer waiting.

Practice your handshake, eye contact and nonverbal communication.

Greet the interviewer with a smile and offer a firm handshake. Maintaining proper eye contact while speaking shows confidence and shows the genuineness of your conversation. You have to act natural, poised and confident. Remind yourself this is just an interview and not the end of anything. It will help you ease any underlying stress or anxiety. You don't want to appear needy during an interview.

3. Send a thank you mail to impress them

Employers can be influenced even after you have left the call or the interviewer's office. It's a general perception that a person who wants the job will do better in the job. Send a thank you mail. Thank them for the opportunity and the time. Mention how you are looking forward to the feedback and if given an opportunity, you will use it to benefit the employer. Do mention one of two strengths which you feel will be relevant for the job.

During an interview process, your skills and experience play an important role but we cannot undermine the role of good behaviour, pleasing personality, and good mannerisms. Ultimately organization is a set of people and processes, and any new employee will be judged on the parameters of likeability.