What is the best way to find a job in a start-up in India?

Getting a job at a great  startup is something lot many people are eying for. A fast growing startup is a place where thriving careers are getting job breaks and also ample opportunity to showcase their skills and ideas. After assisting hundreds of start-ups in their recruitment and building team from the scratch, we have understood nitty gritties of Startup hiring. Lets get started and help you understand how a Startup hires and how you can find your dream job at a startup.

What is your “why” for joining a Start-up?

Simon Sinek’s Golden rule  works here, and you should know why you want to work for any company. A proactive job seeker can work on this question and get their clarity for the kind of jobs they want to apply for. Accordingly they can find companies which matches their reasons. Your reasons can range from learning, exploring new ideas, new trends, Salary or any thing else just be clear and know your “why”.

Do your preliminary work and showcase your skill:

A Startup hires you for your passion, energy and ideas. They don’t just hire you for your degree, or past job experiences. A Startup observes you everywhere, even before you appear for the interview. Be careful how you appear online. If you are a technology person, write some relevant codes or work on some small project and upload it on Github. If you are a designer, work on your behance portfolio, content marketer should have some content ready for the review.

Work on your resume and application

There is high chances that a startup founder will review your resume before meeting you and a half prepared jobseeker would be eliminated in that very stage. Make your resume relevant for the job and startup you are applying for. Study the founders, existing team, news about that startup in media, their product or solution.

Every startup is looking for somebody who can help them solve a problem, be that solution finder and give a glimpse of what you can do before even meeting them. Start-ups like to know how invested you are in the process and sending a well prepared resume with portfolio link is  one way to show that.

Be prepared for the interview :

A startup scans you at every stage before they decide to hire you. They mark you for your timeliness, accuracy, knowledge, cultural fitment, soft skills and professionalism.

Know the interviewer before appearing for the interview, learn about them from your peers or from their online presence. It will help you ease out your anxiety of unknown to a great bit.

Be invested at every stage of selection process. Be prompt in informing the employer that you may be late in submitting the assignment, or you have some project to finish before you decide to join them. Even if you decide to not go ahead with the selection process at any stage, inform them and give it a good closure.

Hoping that readers find a good job in their dream startup . Do let us know if you need any more information and write us at hello@hirexl.in.

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