Tips to create a Job Description for Startup Jobs

At HireXl our day begins with sitting huddled up, sipping cups of coffee and  scanning the Job descriptions we want to work on . Some Job description amaze me with their clarity and long term vision but mostly what comes across in the name of JD is painfully long and boring description , any candidate would prefer to give a pass. 

People are most important resources for any organisation big or small, and every company wants to hire the best of talent available in the market as per their needs. And still  the time and effort invested in creating a basic JD is negligent . All candidates – whether passive or active – will read your job description at some point in the hiring process.

Why not use it strategically to grab and keep the attention of the candidate you’re really after? Let us imagine we are hiring for our organisation and the target employee is a complete stranger ( Happens mostly with startups ) , What would I want her to know about my company ?

 We are selling her a job and  the  first introduction to that job and our company is through the Job description we are mailing her  .We think these few importants check lists which makes a job description fully informative .


What is the daily work routine for this position? We should clearly define the  work areas of the employee , what duties he will have to execute, how to execute, what will be his time of working, what result is expected , whether he  has to perform single duty or multiple , what time has been allocated for different kind of duties. If they have to adhere a timeline and their work is target based ?


Every company has few core values and they are known for that  . When we reach a potential candidate we have a good opportunity to advertise our strengths . People always appreciate an organisation  who function on values . our try to List all that are mandatory, be careful not to list too many desired or preferred qualities or skill set . We will have to tell them what our company wants, what is our moto , we just don’t believe in work but also want healthy results.  


A company can also add photos of achievers , it will shows that you value their talent and recognise them too in from of world . It will help the candidate understand your company culture .

4.        FEW BULLETS

If you also offer remote work possibilities, don’t forget to mention it. Does the job involve any   travelling? Put few things as a check list

  1. What they are good at ?
  2. What Languages they know
  3. Are they comfortable working extra hours if needed
  4. If they are open to travel or relocation if required

5.       What  is the WOW factor to work in your Company ?

Maybe your company has an open Dog policy . You have a nice terrace for barbecues . Many  feel proud showing heap of beer can . Your company takes their team on holidays or if    soft music floats  in the air .  These are very significant if the person is not a robot running behind money and results . You can also add the compensation and benefits of working on that position . Remember, millennials are not as money-driven as previous generations. They want to work in a cool place and feel good at work


We recommend add a questionnaire , it helps you target your candidate more precisely. Get to know your applicant before face-to-face interview. ust ask what you want, the response could be set as option . The Interview feature not only saves you time but is a great chance to research what type of candidates apply to your job positions. Also those who take out time to fill the questionnaire have better chances they have read the job description properly and not applied randomly .  


Although this is pretty obvious, many companies forget to include proper contact information and the credibility of such an offer rapidly decreases. Maybe you can add the selection procedure step by step . You may also add few links which would give more detailed information about the company like media publications and any other details .

 I would really love to know the readers views and as a job seeker or an employer what input they would like to be included in the Job description . 

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Happy Hiring