E-learning companies in Chennai.

E-Learning and Education is an area where ample innovations are happening worldwide. E-learning, as a country and there innovations are really helpful because it makes learning affordable and viable to even small towns and villages and therefore, E-Learning with the use of electronic things is called E-learning. Computers, internet are the major components of E-learning because it makes knowledge accessible even on mobile phones and E-learning is the best means in the corporate sector therefore, it is very useful in training program conducted by big companies for employees across the world and employees are able to learn skills while sitting in a seminar room.

Learning is a lifelong process and online medium because it helps us to gain knowledge even after leaving colleges and while we are settled in our respected jobs. Now a days most of the schools and colleges replace books with digital content.

We had in our previous post published information about e-learning companies in Banking. You can check the article here- https://blog.hirexl.in/top-e-learning-companies-for-banking-preparation/. Did my research and found out some great E-learning companies in Chennai which are doing some remarkable work.

Few of them are-

1.  STEP by The Hindu Group   

 Pundi Sriram is Co-Founder and Head of leading E-learning company STEP found in year 2016. They provide Personalised coaching, Workout, Video based and Live classes and their popular courses are STEPathan, Learn, Coach, STEPathon 8+live and they also have their Application in google play store for learning and gaining skills.

For more information you can visit https://step.thehindu.com/index.


Edufic is found by Dennis Ranjith in 2004. Vision of EDUFIC is to be the most admired company for their Employees, Partners and Customers because they provide digital delivery and quality of learning to learners and they design and write the academic content which is used in schools and organizations around the world and therefore, there are so much stake in education, there admittance process has become rigorous and there rates are so aggressive and standards are high.

There services and solutions are- Course and Content development, Multimedia development for learning object, E-learning courses development, E-learning solution, Corporate solution, K12 and higher education solution, etc.

For more information you can visit http://www.edufic.com/.

3. White House Business Solution (WHBS)

WHBS is founded by Ashok Laguduva in 1999 has there own building with 250-500 employees. They having specialists in E-learning, E-learning solutions, E-learning services, Learning  Management Systems, School management system, College management systems, and enterprise solutions. They offer one stop solution for all you need in E-learning sector. Therefore, they provide services like- Custom e-learning, HTML E-learning, PHP development, Mooc customization, Open source customization, Android App development, Graphic design & digital Art work, etc. They awarded with Academy Award, E_learning demofist, BEET Award 2008, Scorm adopter, and Tin Can api.

For more information you can visit on there official website http://www.whitehouseit.com/.

4. Mycoach learning.

Mycoach E-learning company founded in 2005. They turns idea into doable business solution. They are part of Novac technology solution, which offers IT and IT’S services to transform businesses for the digital generation because they provide best learning for meet daily organization needs and therefore, It also offers Learning platforms, E-learning content lab, Video learning, Immersive learning, Translation & localization, Instructor-Led training.

For more information you can visit https://www.mycoachlearning.net/.

5. Technibit solutions

It is establish company which started in 2012 with expert knowledge in IT and ITS. It is a partnership bases e-learning company because they provide technical support 24*7/365.  They are the Indian based company provide services to foreign client. therefore, there services includes- Website design and development, Website developing, Search Engine Optimization, E-learning, Learning management system, Data Analysis, Virtual Assistance, and Content management system.

For more information visit http://technibits.com/.

6. Chennai Softech

Chennai Softech a service and solution providing company established in 2007. Mr. Abdul Kareem is the founder of Chennai Softech. There vision is to provide better solution to their client on expected time and there mission is to provide new opportunities for growth in strategic business and therefore to acquire and keep up global leadership position in chosen area of business.

For more information you can visit http://www.chennaisoftech.com/.

There are many more companies in Chennai for E-learning that are not mentioned here because above companies are very decent and they provide services and solutions to their client on very expected time.

We will keep posting more articles about the learning companies and courses which will help you in banking preparation.

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