Why need a coffee break!

Had read somewhere every work needs loads of imagination aided by creativity to turn out magnificently successful We need that imagination while cooking a simple pasta which we want to be healthy for our kids and we also need that imagination and creativity while planning our day . This Creativity which is ample at the start of day depletes at fast speed as day progresses . By evening we know its gets so unproductive , our Brain . As if it needs to break the chains and walls of our office cubicle and fly away . Maybe this is the reason our eyes are stuck at wall to tick 6 or 7 or 9 .

Imagination finds its ways in Draping our stole to parking our car and interacting with our client . But this loads of imagination which we need in our day to day life , seems to getting extinct . We sometimes feel our mind is just so so blocked out that nothing seems pleasant and enjoyable . We lose interest in doing it plainly leave aside with full creativity .

We can be that imaginative and productive like the start of day , if we receive appraisal for every simple job accomplished , but that is far from reality . We need to actually jump at the mention of every task assigned to get that appreciation . Because that jumping will decide our motivation towards the work and it will also help us jump over the hurdles in the way .

On such drought full days we need to follow a different routine . Infact it should be made part of our daily routine to avoid such days of dried emotions and dull imaginations .

I would recommend following daily regime for youthful mind and brain all the time , which jumps at the mention of some sudden plan and is brimming with ideas on every occasion . Lets see how that small break from the busy routine can be utilised in best possible way .

1. Walk in the Nature :

It does not mean you have to walk on a Sea side , or in foothills of a w mountain . It just means a walk outside your cubicle. A walk with yourself when you can enjoy the cool breeze or fragrance of wild orchids . when you could enjoy the cooing of birds .When you can feel the rough gravel beneath your feet and when you may feel like humming a song . It can be a 20 minutes walk with lovely You , hand in hand and soul to soul .Try it .

2. A warm mug of piping coffee:

Nothing can be as soothing to fold your legs on a comfy couch and enjoy your steaming cup of coffee , or Tea or maybe a bowl of soup , whatever soothes you . Just cuddle yourself up and enjoy being with oneself . Maybe you would love to smile on some beautiful memories of past or love to plan some getaway to distant land or Sea . Its heaven to feel that warm mug in your palms and just lie lazy .

3. A sleep does wonder :

A small nap , sometimes in car while traveling back from office or even on your keyboard . Just close your eyes and detox your brain . It needs to go in hibernation to protect from ongoing chaos . It can regain its old positivity in just a span of 10-20 mins .

4. A bath in warm or cold water , as it soothes you :

Water seems to wash away all the negativity blocking your nerved . It seems to sooth your every node and nerve in the body . You reagin your lost vitality with that brief shower time . I know this thought itself is so refreshing . Add a fragrant oil or aroma to leverage the benefit . A shower at the end of day prepares you for a wonderful evening .

5. A small chit chat about beautiful weather and your weekend plans

A small time spent on phone discussing a pleasant topic , maybe cracking few jokes or just planning a weekned with friends or family would five you reasons to feel fresh at work . It will give you reasons why this work needs to be done with efficiency , so that you can enjoy a wonderful evening or maybe weekend .

5.A soothing piece of music , a good book , a piece of chocolate or desert:

We should do everything possible to come back to life. After all we need this vitality and positvity in every walk of life . We cannot behave robotic devoid of energy and emotions in personal or professional front . These small breaks in our daily routines will work wonder for our well being . We would actually crave for it after following for few days .

I know it has worked for me and many of the readers who are reading this.

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