Why a Candidate Rejects Your Job Offer?

As A hiring manager, I want my hire to stick with the company. That they should join us and work with us. It is too frustrating and embarrassing for a hiring manager, to receive a rejection mail from the job seeker. You assessed, interviewed, and spent so many long hours deciding how he will an asset to your company. And something may go wrong, and the candidate rejects the offer.

Till the candidate accepts your offer and joins your company, we cannot say that the hiring process has been completed. And that is not an easy job. Imagine putting all your work into sourcing a suitable candidate, assigning and evaluating the task, interviewing him, and losing them in the eleventh hour. If we speculate and study our own failures, we will identify the key areas which need attention while selling jobs to the prospective candidate.

In this article, we will learn the five ways to seal the deal with confidence. Selling is the final stage of hiring. And I have tried to collate all the Five F’s, we need to focus on while negotiating with the candidate.

Selling FIT

As an employer, your eyes are always sourcing a perfect fitment candidate, and for the job seeker, it plays a major role. Best candidates are looking for roles where they can perform best. So better the FIT, the higher the likelihood of success.

Fit means how the candidate’s goals, talents, and values fit into your company’s vision , strategy and culture . Major reason we all work , is to create and impact , to be part of something that feels right . Selling fit means letting the jobseeker know how all these needs will be taken care of when he or she decides to work with you . Tell then where you both will be progressing , succeeding and making money .

Selling Family 

We earn and work for our family , and they are most important part of our lives . Let your perfect fitment candidate know ,you value their family and chasing jobs would entail lot of work . They would need to know a good neighbourhood to settle down , maybe a good school or college for their kids . What incentives you have for family .If your company culture allows bringing babies to work , or maybe your company takes care of relocation expenses . If you have insurance policy for family .

As an employer you need to understand family obligations , maybe parents of your prospective employee are very old and it may be a hurdle for him in relocating . Know your candidates family before jumping into it . Family takes into account the broader trauma of changing jobs and relocating to new place. Some times, families pose the biggest obstacle. Spouses and children quite reasonably resist job changes that threaten to turn their lives upside down, separating them from friends, changing schools, and forcing them to start from scratch.

So you have to see how companies can ease them in finding a residence, school and some of his major concern affected in relocating to a new place.

Selling freedom 

Do you like to be  micromanaged? Nobody does . Nothing scares them off faster than the prospect of working for an overly directive boss . They are looking for position where they will be left alone to excel . Offering this kind of freedom scares most of hiring managers , as it makes them feel out of control situation . Solutions is let your best hire know why they are hired and how they will assessed . Let them know the outcomes desired from them and set them free .

Selling Fortune 

A candidate expects more money and you give it to them , this is not an ideal situation as raise given today is usually forgotten tomorrow . But what equally stands true is paying less salary then what job demands goes very negative . Always have a clear picture in your mind , worth of job . Never pay your best hire less than they deserve . Most of them know what they deserve and they would never come back to you for negotiation . If Salary is the key word in negotiation , let the person know his / her growth prospect while they stay in job .

Encourage them to look at your growth record , stability as an organisation and future growth prospect . Do attach performance linked incentive and a defined score card to make them aware how you incentivise your good performers .

Selling Fun

We spend more than half of our waking time at work , lets make work place a little fun place too . Ofcourse if should be in adherence to your company culture . When you have people whose idea and vision resonates with that of your own , create an environment which is good for them . Encourage time for team to mingle , do fun activities . Invite spouses of your employee to company summit at a nice place , Arrange fun stay and activities .

Selling a would be hire is a more about understanding which of those five F’s really matter to a candidate and focussing attention on those levers to overcome a candidate’s concern . And Selling does not come at last stage of offer , rather keep it doing during the whole hiring process .

With Good sourcing and good selling comes the best hire .

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