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The basic ingredient of good hiring is sourcing the top talent and advent of the internet has made it easy but scattered. There are various job portals and social sites which are used extensively for hiring. was a front runner for a long time when it came to hiring and sourcing. But with the passage of time, finding a quality talent on Naukri has become very difficult hence it has lost its charm. In this article, we have tried to share our observation and research on top alternatives which can be used for sourcing quality talent. is a primary job searching portal for most of the job seekers. In India, Naukri has the biggest database of job seekers. You will get every kind of job here. According to their official site As of March 31, 2016, had a database of about 46 million registered job seekers and an average of about 12,000 résumés was added daily.

So what other platforms we have to search for a job, here is the list of top alternatives of You will surely get a good opportunity on these platforms, 

Why Look for Alternative

Recently in last 5 years, job Industry has been keep changing. New Startups are coming in the Industry with new Ideas. People know that Naukri have a database of 50+ Millian users, but no one knows how many are active. how many are relevant. This is the one reason, now companies have started to look candidates on other channels.

The second reason could be that don’t take any responsibility to inform the candidate about the feedback of their candidature when they apply for some job. ATS (Application tracking system) is still missing from applying on a job, how would you know that you are shortlisted, not shortlisted, selected for the first round or just got rejected.


We can say HireXL is the top and best alternatives of Although it just started, but because of their engagement activity, A dedicated team of people makes this portal a very good alternative of You will get lots of job opportunity for almost every kind of profile. If you are an IT person, if you are an Educator, even a  fresher, or if you are Top Leader in the company, you will get a relevant job opening. The best thing is that you can register on their website without your phone number and other personal details. Just your email ID is enough. Hirexl also gives you the option to track your applications and be in direct touch with the client. There is a special provision to share your feedback on time. 

IIM Jobs

IIM Jobs is considered as the largest job board for mid to senior management jobs in India. IIMJobs features some of the best jobs in Banking & Finance, Consulting, Research & Analytics, Sales & Marketing, HR, IT and Operations.
Although the name might suggest that it’s a platform purely for IIM graduates but it is open for anybody looking for a job anywhere in India can make a profile on the platform. is a very famous job portal and networking site. Here the candidates can directly connect with employer same Like LinkedIn. don’t allow any third party vendor or recruitment consultancies to register here. So it is one to one call with employer only. You can directly send messages. Employer responding rate is also very high.  On Angel, you can create your profile with your updated resume and start applying on the jobs. Angel is a good platform to apply for a job mostly in startups and small tech companies. Traditional hiring is not possible here.


Linkedin was started with the motive of social networking for professionals. But now LinkedIn is owning very good stake in the job market. Linkedin allow companies to create their company profiles and post a job. Linkedin has two plan, Free and Paid for Both Employer and jobseeker. Here also you can apply directly on the company page. It cannot be termed as a recruitment tool nor it has an applicant tracking system. But it is a great place to network and contact the employer directly.