How to deal with your emotions while Out of Work

Unemployment can take a terrible toll upon the human spirit. It can sap away the energy needed to lead a balanced life. Studies have proven that workers become discouraged the longer they are unemployed. In particular unemployed express feeling more sad the longer they are unemployed. These findings suggest that the psychological case of job search rises the longer someone is unemployed.

These bouts of sadness is not unusual and many of us felt like these when they are out of work for a long time and feel weary and depressed.

These 10 things we can do to deal with our feelings when we are unemployed.

We can catch up on our sleep

Even if it means we have to take naps during the day because our attempt to sleep at night time is at the moment a disaster. We tend to feel depressed if we are short on our sleep, or our body is otherwise run down.

Secondly the world never looks bright or happy to us when we are feeling depressed. It is therefore easy to confuse the two feeling states. So Sleep approriately and we often turn into happier, more upbeat people, just by catching up on our sleep. This can make us feel better sometimes much better.

Get Active

There are other things we can do to keep ourselves more physically fit while unemployed. Job hunters have told me they found it important to

  1. Get regular exercise, involving a daily walk.
  2. Drink plenty of water.
  3. Eliminate sugar as much as possible from the diet.
  4. Take supplementary vitamins daily
  5. Eat balanced meals

Evaluate your physical space

We can do something about the physical space around us. Our surrounding often mirror how we feel about ourselves. If our houses feels like a disaster, it in itself can be depressing. When unemployed we should vow to bring tidiness and neatness in our daily routine. This will lift our spirits immensely as our physical space mirrors our upbeat life.

We can get outdoors daily, and take a good walk

Hiding in our cave will only make us feel more down. Seeing green trees, sunlight, mountains, flowers, people will do our heart more good, each day. Go for trek, a small walk, or just visit some historical place in the city. Going out and exploring new places helps a lot.

Focus on others and be help to somebody.

We can focus on other people, and their problems. Not just out own. If our unemployment is dragging on and on, and we are starting to have a lot of time in our hands, we can find some place in town that is dealing with people worse off than we are and go volunteer there. I’m talking food banks, hospitals, housing aid, anything dealing with kids, expecially deprived kids, or kids with tremendous handicaps- that sort of thing. We can do a search of google and put in the name of the town, or city plus the name of the problems we want to help and see what turns up.

We can go on fun Mini adventures

Often there are portions of our surrounding that we have never explored, but a tourist would hit in the very first day they were here. There would be many places nearby you would have never explored. It I lived in a city and was unemployed, I would set out to visit places. I’d never seen. That way we can stop obsessing about how much we lost from our past and turn our face towards the future. There are new worlds to conquer after all.

We can deal with our feelings by expanding our mental horizon and learning something new.

We can go read up new subjects, that have always interested us, but we’ve never had enough time to explore. While we’re unemployed, we have the time. It we can’t think of any subject, there is what is trying hard to figure out what we should next. The more we understand it, the better we heal.

We can talk

We can talk, talk with loved ones or a close friend about all the feelings we have. It’s amazing how giving voice to thoughts and feelings, particularly, when we don’t much care for those thoughts and those feelings causes them to lose their power over us. So we should do to it, because otherwise stuff bottled up inside us tend to fester and grow. We don’t want that.

Be Grateful

We can make a list each of the things that we still have, that makes our life worth living, which makes us glad and even happy day by day.

There is a habit of mind that is deadly while we are out of work, and that is spending too much of our day, every day brooding about what is wrong in lives. What is wrong with people, what is wrong with our situation etc.

By listing the things we are thankful for, we teach ourselves to focus on what precious gifts we still have, whether they be intelligence, health or love.

Job search is not that difficult, if we face the situation with positivity, energy and right approach. Reach us for any assistance related to job search. You can also check our career portal if we have any suitable job for you: