Best Job Opportunities in EdTech

Running my Job site which is number one portal for EdTech Hiring in India, has given us a deep insight into hiring scenario with EdTech Startups. EdTech is a fast growing space and it has become an industry in itself. Earlier Education industry comprised of Schools, Colleges or publishing houses. With use of Technology, Education space is gaining momentum and greater outreach. With advancement, amalgamation of new ideas and new technologies has given rise to edtech industry. And with that it has opened gateway to lot of of new opportunities for people. Edtech industry needs all kind of skilled people to come and join them, help them make a difference.

Top Job Categories in EdTech Space

Tech opportunities

Every EdTech company is brainchild of their innovative ideas and gradually as they grow, they look out for people who can carry forward their vision and help them build a great company. So tech requirements like Frontend developer, full stack developers, Python Developers, Skilled professionals like React, Javascript, Java, Python, developers are in high demand.

UX Designers, Data scientist, AI, AWS, Cloud experts are need of the hour. Every edtech company needs them and there are hundreds of such jobs available in the market. You can log onto and explore many such jobs.

Content Opportunities

Edtech is all about good content and great delivery. You can find ample jobs like Content writer, curriculum designers, content reviewer, content editor, content marketing, Instructional designers and there is job for everyone. EdTech job has opportunities for freshers as well as highly experienced professionals. Edtech industry is growing and so are the opportunities.

Training and Implementation

Success of EdTech ideas and their course modules depends largely on their delivery and implementation. There is huge requirement of skilled trainers and implementing managers at all levels. companies eye a large market and need of such trainers is always high. A person needs to have good subject knowledge and flair of delivery. Team management, presentation skills and style of delivery matters a lot.

General Management

EdTech companies work like any other company. They requires, sales, finance, operation, customer success managers and other skilled professionals needed for growth and functioning of organisation. What differentiates between other industries and EdTech industry is professionals need to have believe in core objective of company. That underlying reason that everyone needs education and this idea can help them impart quality education to masses.

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