5 Things Every Successful Entrepreneur Did

I knew I was all alone in this whole world with the joy of being CEO of my company and the despair of being all alone here . I then started looking for some respite , I started to research what it takes to be here, and also how to immune myself, not from failing but actually committing suicide . I looked towards everyone from Mark,Bill,Steve,Mr. Buffet , Oprah , Disney , all of them and also some not so famous ones ,who survived the grilling of the business . I knew it was not easy for them, and its going to be unimaginably tough for me . BUT I will Walk, Run , Slow down , Fall , Perspire , Cry , but will not stop , will not let this die .

I look at their lives and know they all did this 5 wonderful things to sustain :

1. They didn’t give Up

All of them knew why they started and where they have to reach and in between everything which was stopping them was insignificant . They all had vision which was clearer than the crystal and they all knew how to reach the destination .They were not scared of hurdles and in fact gladly flaunted all the blockages which came in their way . They knew If they can conceive it, they can achieve it . I know Rome was not built in a day and so was Apple , Facebook , LinkedIn or Google . It will take its time and I will have to survive the challenges thrown to me .

2. They Believed in their Plan and were always ready to ADAPT

I know my plan on the very first day of my business was way different than what I have it today . But I am not alone , all the smart people yes smart people know that flexibility is the key to success . We plan , adapt , change , and better it everyday for the success which we want .We know that customer or clients are the god of our business and we have to do everything possible to impress them . Its not we who have to be impressed with our plan . Its all about THEM we are working day and night and burning all the midnight oil . They did it , and so am I doing it .

3. They knew nobody else will manage their BUDGET

When I see my lean budget , I know its one of the characteristic feature of every Start up and its always a joy to spend what you and only you have earned . That money which you have got because of your idea and its such a joy to know that your idea is fetching you money . Plan it manage it , it helps you priorities the things , allocate it to most important things in your business . You suddenly start enjoying your Saturdays reading a book with a coffee and home made noodles . All of a sudden you know movie is a waste of time and maybe you can meet a friend over coffee and spend your evenings discussing about your dream . Then you feel your wardrobe needs no new dress , club wear for least . And then you know its much more than than you clubbing ,shopping and eating out .

4. They managed their TIME , Mood and Priorities

A successful entrepreneur cannot crib about time , he has 24 hours and he knows when to sleep and when to work . He knows how to use social media and he has no spare time to kill . He too feels low like others but then rises to his expectations again . He then spends some time all with himself ,Maybe a walk , some time in inner peace , a spiritual discourse , a short vacation . An Entrepreneur knows the best companion is he for himself . He is never alone, and he is not at all victim of situation . An Entrepreneur knows he has to keep on reviving his energy and keep moving on . Life is beautiful on top of mountain and it would strain his muscles climbing up,But he moves with priorities set therefore he is captain of his soul , he is master of his fate.

5. They are not MACHINE so they live their life to FULLEST .

An Entrepreneur knows that if he treats himself as machine he would breakdown soon . They are the people who are DARING, ADVENTUROUS , FULL OF LIFE , FUN LOVING . When I see Richard Branson I know what it takes to be successful , when he takes the challenge of crossing a turbulent sea or flying in a balloon , he knows he is increasing his zone of comfort . I love to read how they spend their vacations. How hard they party, is as inspiring as how hard they work . They go scuba diving , bungee jumping , marathon , mountaineering and they do all it takes to push the boundaries of comfort . They Inspire .

I know their initial days was not easy and neither it is easy now to maintain the success but they knew how to strike the chord and walk on the tight rope . Its all wrapped in their commitment towards their Mission . Its as invigorating as smell of lime for some or smell of coffee to others . It all in the feeling attached to the success lying ahead and the joy we envision on this journey . Its never a journey for oneself . Start up is a complete lifestyle in itself .

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