5 Productive Hacks to Save Every Recruiters Time

Recruiters know that time is money for them. The better they utilise their time and better effective their work plan is, they will achieve their hiring targets soon. At time simple and effective hacks are very much needed to make the recruitment easier.

Good luck has been credited many a times for a successful recruitment, but if you ask experience of a successful recruiter, they credit it to few time tested hacks.

1. Keep building your candidates dashboard

A recruiter’s biggest challenge is finding most suitable resource for the job. This sourcing cannot be dependent just on database purchased by all. And truth is top talent are not available in abundance in database which can be bought by all.

you need to have your own dashboard of active jobseekers which can be just an excel sheet, with details of a relevant profiles you found the other day. Keep building it everyday.

2. Use google calendar or any other scheduling tool to efficiently book interview

You are dealing with multiple jobseekers on daily basis, scheduling candidates takes time and effort. To keep a reminder, use tools which allows candidates to schedule their own meetings.

3. Create Email Templates for Frequently used messages.

Emails are biggest tools for recruiters. Normally Recruiters send same types of emails to candidates. Reduce the hassle by creating templates for the ones you send most frequently. While sending emails, you should make sure to include personal details to the candidates you are contacting. There are many a times when you are required to prepare Job descriptions, and templates are really helpful. You may consider reading this article on how to prepare awesome Job description.

4. Manage your social media better

Social media is an important tool for recruiter. But also like emails, it can kill lot of your productive time. When you plan your day, keep aside fixed time for social media, that time when you might need some change from regular work which needs more focus. Also define your objectives which you want to achieve on social media.

5. Plan your whole week on weekend

We all know of monday blues but what if we spare some 1-2 hours on sunday evening and plan our whole work for next week. We will have a reason to jump out of bed on Monday and also a clear defined goal for the day and week to follow. Pre planning helps us a lot in achieving out targets on time.

A recruiter has to make optimum utilisation of time for better results and self growth. These hacks have always worked in favour of recruiters.