4 Stages of Excellent Communication

On a recent business trip last weekend I was sitting beside a gentleman who seemed to me a buddhist monk, and on that two hour journey we talked about lot of things right from spirituality , community services , War , Peace , Anger management and lot of other stuff . When I got back I was connecting the dots and found a very intriguing connection between Spirituality and the Business or jobs we do on daily basis . Spirituality is way of living but it also adds volume and bounce if we add it to our Way of doing business . When we talk about business we do lot of talking . We have to talk to our peers , bosses , clients , society and lot of other people involved . Yes we have Communication and PR department assigned for that , but does that Suffice ? I have tried to give a step by step guide to communication which happens at various stages .

Communicating with Ourselves :

When we say communicating with ourselves , I mean internal team . At times there are lot of gaps inside the team and we don’t realise that . Technology supplies us with devices to connect , but we hardly have people to reach out at times of crisis . We need an OPEN COMMUNICATION POLICY at place even if its a team of all known faces .Sometimes team should just meet without any agenda , to feel the bond and share their aspirations . Letters of appreciation works wonders but done with genuine interest . We need to be mindful of every word we utter , it can heal the team or poison it .Communicating at the time of Crisis :

Most of the time our communication makes the things worse at work front , yet there are many ways to reconcile and open up the closed conversations . When talking gets difficult , take a pause and go back to the reason why it all started. Be aware of the situation whosoever has created , and step back to have a holistic view of whole situation . Have a conversation based on needs and not on emotions . If you are too angry to carry on with the meeting which has turned into an argument , Stop . Ask for permission to continue the talk next day . When you are better equipped to handle the emotional upheaval . And trust me , things would be fine by the time you are back . The other party would have thought and negotiated on pros and cons of the fall out you had in last meeting . Sometimes make the conversation need based and not at all emotion based .

Art of polite conversation :

Most of the conversations done , do not even involve a single word . And politest of such conversations are actually actions . Being polite does not mean to use the words like ” your highness” or “your majesty “. It means understanding the need of person sitting in front of you before speaking . You meet your client and your proposal should say ” I am here for you “. No matter how much you pay your employees , or how many dollars you shell out on hourly basis to you vendors , you do not own them most of times . I have seen people defying their bosses , despite of best salary they are offered . Its because their needs may not have been met . Many a times a Polite and genuine conversation does what a cheque with many zeroes cannot do . And such talks are not prerogative of HR department in your office . As an employer , boss , or client , it should be your second nature .

Conversation or Continuation

Through out our day we produce energies of our thoughts ,speech and actions . We contemplate a conversation long ago in our mind before we actually take the action on it . It becomes necessary that we start with good thoughts in mind . Thinking is already an action . Even if we don’t see its manifestation . What we think , is how we present the facts to the world . Inside the team or outside in the market , our communication speaks volume about our work culture , company’s philosophy and the business we chose to bring on table . Every communication bears our signature and so we take the responsibility in the form of consequences .

We should ensure we have better communication and that as a leader or boss our voice is more heard and respected . Its simple to safeguard the interest of our company and people we work with and also have a good relationship with people outside our office .

Have a safe conversation and have a Polite Conversation !!

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